Motor Trade Insurance for Part Time Motor Traders


You don’t have to work full time in the motor trade business to need a part time motor trade insurance policy. Several motor traders work part-time, restoring otherwise selling cars as a small supplementary income otherwise part-time business, as well as spend the rest of their time doing the additional occupation. However, working part-time as a motor trader does not mean you do not requisite motor trade insurance. As a universal rule, if you have a turnover of six cars per year, you can be considered to be a part-time trade that needs insurance.

Difference of part time and full time insuranceInsurance

  • Having said that, maximum insurers understand that part-time motor traders do not requisite to be insured to the similar degree as a full-time motor trader. Somebody who restores one car at a time, for instance, is more probable to operate from home than on their possess business premises.
  • That’s why numerous insurers make bespoke policies for part-time motor traders who invest time and cash into their small trade but don’t need the similar level of cover as a bigger motor trader.

Part-Time Motor Trade Insurance Strategies

  • Whether you work a few days a week otherwise just at the weekend, having a legal motor trade insurance strategy is vital. Though, a problem numerous part-time motor traders have is that some insurers ponder them an excessive risk than those who function full time. This is because working less often might cause them to be less experienced otherwise become rusty.
  • But while this might be the concern for some, the finest motor trade insurers will evaluate the requirements and risks of each distinct part-time motor trader to discover the faultless policy for them.

InsuranceThey are more flexible

  • Part time motor trade insurance policies are frequently more flexible than full-time strategies and can include added business uses. This means if the motor trader works as an electrician otherwise a plumber as their foremost occupation, some insurers would cover their cars while they are undertaking this job too.
  • Whatsoever you do, make certain you discuss your insurance requirements with a specialist insurance broker who would ensure you obtain complete cover for every feature of your part-time business.