Combi boilers lets you off the hook

Searching for an economical and efficient boiler? Did your traditional boiler Hornswoggled you? Convert to Combi boiler or Combination boilers; an easy, affordable, compact, and low energy water heating solution to your lifestyle. The system is competent for small spaces or trivial home needs, that Combines water heater and central heating boiler as one unit. The Combination boiler works on gas, oil, LPG or electric boilers.

Surprise Yourself with Extra Innings or Savings with Combi boilers:

  1. Fit in small or compact spaces,
  2. Saves your energy bills,
  3. Easy and inexpensive installation,
  4. Get hot water on demand, and
  5. Direct water supply from main’s pressure.

Tips to follow before giving green signal….

Thing you must remember before  converting atraditional boiler to Combi boiler,

  1. Be careful about the skimpy plumbing, poor layout results in excessive flow and many other flow/distribution issues.
  2. Check ifall pipework and radiators are clean and well maintained before installation.
  3. Ensure adequate water source from the mains water supply. Weak pressure can damage your showers and taps.
  4. Scale reducers are must for Combi boilers.
  5. Ensure drainage requirements are fulfilled, because Combi boiler systems requires a drainage pipe to dispose condensed vapor.


If you are using many bathrooms and radiators, chooseCombi Boilers with higher outputs and efficiency. Using multiple taps at the same time lowers the flow of hot water. At times, it also depends on the Mains power supply.

If you plan to convert to combi boiler, you must understand a flow rate symbolized as Q. It signifies the amount and pressure of water passing per unit from the main water supply. The boiler power is calculated as kW, more power enables more heating and pressure to your boiler pipeline. However, you need to know that an Increased kW output will not essentially improve the flow rate.

Rough Size Teaser….

For small houses with 1 bathroom and 10 radiators, 24-27kW Combi-boiler is a good option. However, if you have 2 or more bathrooms with nearly 20 radiators, it is advised to install a 35-42kW Combi boilers.