Make yourself comfortable in the modern living

Making yourself more comfort is important to lead a luxury life. This can be made possible by ceiling the air conditioners on your residential areas. The maintenance and servicing of the air-conditioners are more important. These services are provided by the aircon servicing singapore with good technicians. The customer can schedule their work with one click according to their convenience. Instant online booking services are provided for booking appointments to the clients. The customer can pay their money through online or by cash later. Using the owner’s manual customer solve many simple problems without the help of the customer. This is possible by error codes mentioned in the manual which helps to identify the causes of the problem.aircon servicing singapore

Cleaning methodologies that differ from other services:       

The company offers three different types of cleaning methods from which a customer can choose what method they want. The different cleaning methods followed in the aircon service singapore are chemical cleaning, chemical overhaul and enzyme cleaning.  Chemical cleaning method is suitable for the fan coils that are contaminated. The chemical overhaul is the method of effective cleaning that makes the coils to sparkle after cleaning. This method takes sixty minutes to implement the comprehensive technique. The next one is the enzyme cleaning method which is more suitable for the moderate cleaning of the coils. It is environmentally friendlier and safer method.

Experienced services with the best performance:       

Experienced services are done to the customer when they take one-time service or contract service for a year. They service the aircon with more care and return backs them with more guarantees. They remove the grime and moulds into the cleaning process with good care. The pre-services like controller check, airflow check and visual checks are done. They used to wash the filters, drain pan and cover of the aircon with an anti-bacterial solution. The electrical terminals are checked and connections are tightened regularly.  The brackets and mounting of the condenser are checked and issues or obstruction are cleared. Thus by well-experienced technicians aircon service singapore helps the customers to cater their needs.