Why to opt for short hairstyles?

short layered haircut

Most people would say that if you have long and strong hairs then you have the option to try out numerous hair styles and hence traditionally long hairs are highly preferred. But that does not mean that short haircuts do not look good. Although you cannot revert your hair length once it is cut short, but you can try out amazing short haircuts available for you. The choice is unlimited and you can get the perfect appearance that will suit your personality.

Although short layered hairstyles are not so common and are considered as anti-girlie too, they can give you the feel of fashionable look and gives an extra edge to you. It is not a unique style though, but is not so common also and will definitely make heads turn. There are many celebrities too that have made short haircuts quite popular and classical.

short layered haircutBenefits of having short hairstyles:

If you are having a biased view regarding long and short hairs then you must look at these benefits of short hairstyles. The most obvious one is that they are super light and have no maintenance as such. You can just brush them in minutes and get ready to go out. Apart from that there are other benefits such as:

  • Short haircuts are known as Johnny for males and for females these are known as pixie. If you are choosing a short layered haircut then you can get a shredded look with a modern appeal and it gives your face a longer look.
  • These looks suit the teens and independent working women. You can get the perfect chic or sassy look with these styles. Even fashion and Hollywood celebrities have sported this style before.
  • These hairstyles are light, comfortable in all weather and are super easy to maintain.
  • If you feel that there is no variety in short hairstyles then you are completely wrong. There are tons of haircuts to choose from that can give you a different style.
  • You can enhance your short layers using a finisher lotion.
  • If you have a round face then pixie haircuts are best for you. It glorifies your cheeks and eyes. Even oval, square and heart shaped faces can choose this haircuts.