Gout and Fasting – Are they related in any way?


The popular diet around for some years is a fasting diet where basically you do not eat anything to detox your whole body and people do this for the religious reasons as well. Believe or not there’s the small study who studied an impact of fast on the patients having gout. The fasting diets are not all same, and some allow just liquids like teas, juice and water. Some cut down your calories by limiting the daily food intake as well as other diets allows you fast each alternate day. One thing for sure, starvation or fasting diet will not cure your gout!

Fasting Helps You Stay Healthy


Fasting some days will not hurt many people providing you stay hydrated and fasting for longer duration of time is really bad for you or could be very dangerous. As your body requires minerals, vitamins, or other nutrients to stay healthy and suppose you do not get proper nutrients you will get symptoms such as constipation dizziness, fatigue, or spike your levels of uric acid in blood that potentially can cause the gout attack. Also, fasting has shown to spike your blood sugar levels. For this reason, doctors suggest that people much not fast who are suffering from any chronic condition, even for some time. Gout is the chronic disease.

Results of Fasting On Your Health

What will happen to the body when you fast and partake in the starvation gout diet is your body may break down the muscle to use as the fuel because you aren’t feeding them proper food. Then 2 substances are produced from the muscle breakdown, the ketone bodies and the lactic acid which impair your kidney’s capability of excreting uric acid and leads to increasing uric acid and gout attack. Suppose you dehydrate yourself, then this can worsen your condition more for more details on the topic visit

Finally, it is good to avoid such diet completely and just focus on eating only healthy food daily. Eat around 80% of the daily calories from legumes, fruits, vegetables, pastas, whole grain breads, and rice.